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Saraswati Puja Gifts

Saraswati is a popular Basant or spring festival and hence yellow or basanti colour is the theme shade of this festival. As a result, the food prepared for the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Puja and the flowers offered to the deity are in varying hues of yellow. Young girls wear basanti coloured sarees and yellow shaded marigold flowers are offered to the Goddess. Food items, such as khichdi, kesariya bhaat, kesariya laddoo find a special place in the menu of Saraswati Puja special food items.

A varied collection of Saraswati Puja gifts arrive in the markets weeks before the commencement of the festival. All the gifts especially designed for this festival flaunts mustard flowers to bring out the true essence of this spring festival.

Some of the popular Saraswati Puja gifts are mustard flowers, kites and clouds towels, festive mustard design courier bag, mustard flowers and kites courier bags, festive mustard design water bottle, mustard flowers and kites postcard, mustard flowers and kites bandana, mustard flowers and kites giant coffee mug, festive mustard design wooden coaster, mustard flowers and kites round short breadcookie, mustard flowers and kites chocolate covered oreo pop, mustard flowers, kites and clouds, silver shaded oval metal key chain, mustard flowers and kites table cloth, festive mustard design magnetic picture frame and festive mustard design t shirts, watches, placement, round pillows, hitch cover, poker chips, espresso cup, cribbage board, stroller blanket, cutting board, square paper coaster, silver finish tie clip, book mark, mouse pad, table lamp, design pouf and a whole lot more.