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Saraswati Vrat Katha

In Hindu religion people believe in worshiping Goddesses and Gods and have firm faith in the existence of almighty. People are of the view that the almighty will listen to their inner feelings and bestow upon all that they are in need of. It is believed that in the beginning of the universe, following the order of the God Vishnu, Bramha Jee created the mankind but he was not happy with his creation and with the consent of Lord Vishnu he sprayed few drops of water from his Kamndal. Consequently, a beautiful lady having four arms and eternal power was born who was holding a Veena in one hand and a book and a garland in other hands. When she started off with her Veeda, then all the creatures of the world got their voice and so Lord Bramha gave her the name of the Goddess of voice. She gave birth to music and so she was also called as the Goddess of music. So, Vasant Panchami is also celebrated as the day which gave birth to this Goddess of music. Once, being happy with Goddess sarswati, Lord Krishna blessed her that you will be worshipped on vasant Panchami and so the believers of Hinduism celebrate this day as the day of Goddess Sarswati.