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Different Names of Maa Saraswati

According to the Hindu literature, there are different names of Maa Saraswati. The deity of knowledge, intellect, reasoning power, wisdom and learning is known by 108 names. She is considered to be the Goddess of speech, existence,mother of Vedas, destroyer of fallen beings, supreme refuge and so on.

The Different Names of Maa Saraswati are:

Saraswati- Knowledge Goddess;

Mahabhadra- Supremely auspicious Goddess;

Mahamaya-for being Goddess of great illusion;

Varaprada, for granting boons to devotees;

Shripada, for conferring wealth;

Padmanilaya, for residing on a lotus;

Padmakshi, for having eyeslike the lotus;

Padmavaktraga, for having a lotus like face;

Shivanuja, for being the younger sister of Shiva;

Pustakabhrita, for holding book in her hand;

Jnanamudra, for sitting in a particular posture;

Rama, for being enticing;

Para, for being beyond everything;

Kamarupa, as she takes different forms;

Mahavidya, for being higher learning Goddess;

Mahapataka Nashini, for destroying fallen angels;

Mahashraya, for being Goddess of supreme refuge;

Malini, for being garland Goddess;

Mahabhoga, for being the contributor of great enjoyment;

Mahabhuja, for having long arms;

Mahabhaga, for bing the luck Goddess;

Mahotsaha, as she is the Goddess of superior strength;

Divyanga; for being the Goddess with divine limbs;

Suravandita, for being admired by the other Gods;

Mahakali, for being the Goddess of death and time;

Mahapasha, for being the Goddess with remarkable noose;

Mahakara, for having supreme form;

Mahankusha, for having prominent stick or goad;

Pita, for being yellowor fair-skinned;

Vimala, for being flawless;

Vishwa, for being the Goddess of cosmos;

Vidyunmala, for wearing garland;

Vaishnavi, for being the power of God Vishnu;

Chandrika, for being radiant as moonlight;

Chandravadana, for having pretty face like the moon;

Chandralekha Bibhushita, for being bedecked with a slice of the moon;

Savitri, for being the Goddess of light;

Surasa, for being the charming Goddess;

Devi, for being a Goddess;

Divyalankarabhushita, for being decked up with various divine ornaments;

Vagdevi, for being the speech Goddess;

Vasudha, for being the earth Goddess;

Tivra, for being the Goddess with fast speed;

Brahmani, which means power of Lord Brahma;

Bharadi, for being the history Goddess;

Vachi and Vani for being the Goddess of melodious song or music, mellifluous speech;

Brahmi, because she is the science Goddess;

Varnesvari, or the Goddess of alphabets;

Kavijihvagravasini, or the Goddess who resides on poet’s tongue;

Shatarupa, for existence;

Vedamata;as she is considered to be the mother of Vedas;

Bhama; for being the Goddess of passion and splendour;

Govinda, for being the protector of cows;

Gomati, for Being the Goddess of herds of cows;

Shiva, for being the Goddess of salvation or liberation;

Jatila, the Goddess with matted hair;

Vindhyavasa, for dwelling in Mount Vindhya;

Vindhyachalavirajita, for residing in Mount Vindhya;

Chandika, for being the Goddess of wrath;

Brahmajnanaiksadhana, For being the medium through which enlightenment can be achieved;

Saudamini, for being as ravishing as lightening;

Sudhamurti, for having nectar like form;

Subhadra, who being exquisitely beautiful;

Surapujita, for being worshipped by Gods;

Suvasini, for being able to fill her haven with auspiciousness;

Sunasa, for having a striking nose;

Vinidra, for being sleepless;

Padmalochana, for having lotus like eyes;

Vidyarupa, fort being the embodiment of knowledge;

Vishalakshi, for having large eyes;

Brahmajaya, for being Brahma’s wife;

Mahaphala, for being the Goddess who punishes sinners;

Trayimurti, for being part of the trinity of Goddesses;

Trikalajna, for knowing about present, past and future;

Triguna, for being the personification of three gunas, that is, rajas, tamas and sattva;

Shstrarupini,for being the Goddess of learning and scriptures;

Shunbhasura Pramathini, for being the tormentor of theShumbha demon;

Swaratmika, for being the Goddess of sound;

Raktabijanihantri,for being thedestroyer of Raktabija;

Mundakatapraharana, for being the destroyer of Munda;

Dhumralochanamrdana, for being the destroyer of Dhumralochana demon;

Sarvadevastuta, for being admired by other Gods.

Apart from the names mentioned about Goddess Saraswati, there are many other different names of Maa Saraswati, such as Saumya, Surasurranamaskrita Kalaratri, Vararoha, Vagdevi, Rupasaubhagyadayini, Kaladhara, Varijasana, Varahi,Chitrangadaha, Chitrambara, Chitramalyavibhushita, Kanta, Kamaprada, Vidyadharashipujita,Shwetanana, Nilabhuja,Chaturvargaphalaprada, Chaturananasamrajya, Raktamadhya, Niranjana, Nilajngha, Hamsasana and Brahmavishnushivatmika.